We do it all, except write the book! 90% of the book is in the planning.
We direct you on how to gather information and photos for your book and help get you on a timely schedule.

Option 1: We do all the research and select the photos and text that we feel would be best to achieve your goal for the book. We then organize the information and design the book. You will be involved through the entire process, giving us guidance as the project evolves.

Option 2: You do the research. You can research yearbooks, search old newspapers from the last 100 years for stories and sort through thousands of negatives and prints. You’ll decide which photos to use.

No matter which option you choose, we will start by discussing the size, dimension, number of pages, and type of information you would like in the book.

From there, we help you decide what type of book and style fits your needs, such as hardback, softback, coated paper, uncoated paper, etc.

We will also help you start out on the right foot with how to properly save your data and photos to ensure the best print quality.

You will receive a cost per book and we will set you up on a monthly payment plan and help you get on track to pre-selling your book and finding book buyers.

We sit down and determine a date you want your book to come back from the printer to start mailing your books out and sale at a festival or for a holiday. Keep in mind that a good family dinner or tank of gas is gone before you know it, but a family heirloom to hand down for generations lasts beyond your lifetime.